A microinfusion treatment uses a stamping device with hairlike needles that
puncture the skin to deposit a special formula of powerhouse ingredients. The
cocktail may include botulinum toxin (aka Botox), fillers, and antioxidants. While
Botox and fillers are traditionally injected more deeply into the skin’s surface,
microinfusions deliver these ingredients only at a superficial level. Since the effects
are less pronounced, microinfusions can be a good entry point for anyone new to
or considering injectables. The microinfusion process has an immediate positive
impact on the skin. The reason it reacts so quickly is that the hollow needles are filled
with a vitamin-rich concoction that is directly “stamped” into the skin. The
procedure itself only lasts for approximately 10-minutes overall. Although it’s a
strange feeling, it’s not a painful experience.

Before And After:

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