FitLine Shape Me Up provides you everything you need to reach your personal goal! During the 30-days you will get the latest FitLine Shape routine, delicious recipes, powerful workouts and ongoing motivational tips that will get you in the shape you want!


Order your favorite 7 cans of FitLine ProShape All-in-1

Don’t forget to buy your FitLine shaker to concoct delicious Shape recipes. You can replace your ProShape All-in-1 can by your favorite bars ProShape 2 go.

HOW fitline works


Simply replace meals with ProShape All-in-1

Simply replace 3 main meals on day 1-2 and 2 main meals on day 3-30 with ProShape All-in-1.



Healthy and Tasty

Quickly and efficiently

Discover the delicious and healthy recipes we provide for you in FitLine Kitchen.

Get challenged and get back in
shape with our workout plan.

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